asia lab 1st anniversary
open 23:00
start 23:00

Hype Sync Recordsとclubasiaが創る"asia lab"

Hype Sync Records 2nd anniversary
asia lab 1st anniversary


MAIN FLOOR GUESTにはJommy,DJ DISK & ghostwriter boyfriend ,FULLHOUSEよりSAMO,Dance Music Record Label "SPRAYBOX"、エレクトロユニットplan iが出演。1F FLOOR GUESTにkiLLaよりNO FLOWER, YESBØWY,Acrocanthosaurus,bedよりShinji Neversleep, クリエイティブプロダクションチーム LOSSが出演。さらにPOP UP “FellatioPeachTea”、GUEST BAR “ZOOKID”が出店。

■Hype Sync Records
渋谷WOMBでの『H5R2』や渋谷club asiaでの『asia lab』のオーガナイズや楽曲のリリースなどを行っている、東京を拠点とする音楽レーベル。DJ としてジャンルではなく技術として実験的で新たな可能性を探求し、 独自の解釈で織り交ぜたプレイで今都内各所で活動中。2021 年に設立されてから根本的なクルーのあり方から考え 映像や写真などのメディアから現場における VJ、 楽曲や空間演出までもインハウスで制作している。

■asia lab 
東京のアンダーグラウンドなダンスミュージックシーンにフォーカスするべく誕生したasia labは年齢性別問わず新しいクラブシーンを牽引しうるDJ陣をフィーチャー。多様なジャンルかつ新しいシーンが垣間見えるプラットフォーム。


asia lab - 1st Anniversary 

17th November, 23:00〜

ENTRANCE: 2000yen(No Drink)

■Line Up
DJ DISK & ghostwriter boyfriend 
SPRAYBOX (Genick,Jacotanu,kyo,Nizikawa,Oblongar)
plan i
Hype Sync Records

□1F Lounge
Shinji Neversleep 

□POP UP:FellatioPeachTea
□supported by HABUSH


"asia lab" created by Hype Sync Records and clubasia

Hype Sync Records 2nd anniversary
asia lab 1st anniversary
A weekend event will be held at clubasia to commemorate the two anniversaries.

MAIN FLOOR GUEST will include Jommy, DJ DISK & ghostwriter boyfriend, SAMO from FULLHOUSE, Dance Music Record Label "SPRAYBOX", and electro unit plan i.
NO FLOWER from kiLLa, YESBØWY, Acrocanthosaurus, Shinji Neversleep from bed, and creative production team LOSS will appear on 1F FLOOR GUEST.
In addition, POP UP “FellatioPeachTea” and GUEST BAR “ZOOKID” will open.

■Hype Sync Records
A Tokyo-based music label that organizes and releases songs such as "H5R2" at Shibuya WOMB and "Asia Lab" at Shibuya Club Asia.
As a DJ, he explores experimental new possibilities as a technique rather than a genre, and is currently active in various locations in Tokyo with his unique interpretations.
Since its establishment in 2021, the company has been thinking from the fundamental perspective of the crew and producing in-house everything from media such as videos and photos to on-site VJs, music, and spatial direction.

■asia lab
Asia Lab was born to focus on Tokyo's underground dance music scene, and features DJs who can lead the new club scene regardless of age or gender. A platform where you can get a glimpse of diverse genres and new scenes.